With the introduction of city taxes throughout various cities in Italy, guests will be obliged to pay these taxes directly to their hotel, either on arrival or at check-out. The tax depend on the city, the star rating, the length of the stay and somewhere also on the season and districts.
Due to the fact that cities are changing the conditions or new cities are applying new taxes our list doesn't garantie completeness or correct information.
We recommend to check on the website of each municipality before arriving.

Citytax3 star4 star5 starChild policyExemptions
Barcelona / Catalonia (Spain)The rates are per person and night, with a maximum to apply of 7 nights. This tax will have to be paid directly at the hotel during the check in and will never be included in our services.Barcelona:
0,75 EUR
rest of catalonia:
0,50 Eur
1,25 EUR
rest of catalonia:
1,00 EUR
2,50 EUR
rest of catalonia:
2,25 Eur
free upto 16
Bolognatax is applicable for stays of a maximum of 5 consecutive days or 5 days during the same month. The amount of the tax will be calculated per person on a price range basis referred to the nightly price of the room with breakfast (excluding VAT and other additional services) from 71 Eur to 120.99 Eur: 2.50 Eurfrom 121 EUR 200.99 Eur: 4.00 EURfrom 201 EUR : 4.00 EUR
Bormio1,60 EUR1,80 EUR2.50 EUR
Capriapplicable to non-residents staying overnight, for a maximum of 5 consecutive nights. 4,00 EURfree upto 18
FlorenceThe tax is per person per night, The tax must be paid directly to the hotel during the check-out. 3 EUR4 EUR5 EURfree upto 9Tour leaders, assistants, drivers accompanying groups of tourists are taxable.
Genoa1 EUR2 EUR3 EURfree upto 15
MilanThe rates are reduced by 50% during July and August, and from 16 December to 10 January! 4 EUR: residence 35 EUR , residence: 4 EUR5 EURfree upto 18
Montecatini TermeThe tax ammount maximum to 7 overnights. Reduction of 20% in January and December 1,00 EUR1,40 EUR1,70 EURfree upto 10Tour leaders, assistants, drivers accompanying groups of tourists are free.
Naplesfor a maximum of 10 consecutive nights. 2 EUR3 EUR4 EURfree upto 18
PaduaThe tax ammount maximum to 5 overnights. Tour leaders, assistants, drivers accompanying groups of tourists are taxable! 2,00 EUR3,00 EUR3,00 EURfree upto 16
Paris2,50 EUR2,50 EUR3,00 EUR
Riminifor a maximum of 10 consecutive nights. 1,50 EUR2,50 EUR3,00 EURfree upto 14
Romefrom September 1st, 2014 the city taxes in the City of Rome become as follows for person for overnight. The tax is applied up to a maximum of 10 consecutive nights.4,00 EUR6,00 EUR7,00 EURfree upto 9A professional bus driver and Rome tour-guide that are in Rome for work (1 tour-guide exempted per every 23 participants)
SirmioneFrom 01.04.2015 to 31.10.2015 it will be applied the city tax. the amount is 0.60 Euro cent per person, for a maximum stay of 7 days. This tax is applied for all people over 15 upto 14
Sorrento1,50 EUR1,50 EUR1,50 EURfree upto 17
TurinFrom 1st October 2014, the City Tax in Turin will increase. city tax will be applied till a maximum of 4 nights in hotels and B&B.2,80 EUR3,70 EUR5,00 EUR
VeniceFrom 1st October 2014, the City Tax in Venice and Mestre will increase. these city taxes are valid for the High season. During the During the low season rates are reduced by 30%. rates are reduced by 30%. In case of young people between 10 and 16 years, these rates could be reduced by 50%. 3,50 EUR4,50 EUR5,00 EURfree upto 10
Viareggiofor all stays up to seven nights as follows: HS: high Season Jul, Aug MS: mid season Jun, Sep, Oct, Feb, Mar, Apr, May LS: low season Nov, Dec, Jan HS: 1,50 MS:0,90 LS: 0,30HS: 3,00 EUR MS:0,90 EUR LS: 0,60 EURHS: 4,00 MS:2,40 LS: 0,80free upto 11The bus drivers and tour guides.
Villasimius - Sardinia1,00 EUR2,00 EUR2,00 EURfree upto 10