Description: The Grand Hotel Terme in Pigna has a long history. It has been recently fitted out and furnished with elegant and precious materials, such as marbles and woods, which give to the hotel a warm and refined atmosphere. The hotel is situated in the Ligurian inland in the green valley called “Nervia”, in a panoramic position giving on the ancient village of Pigna, at 10 km from the seaside, 30 km from Sanremo and Montecarlo. The hotel guarantees a peaceful and relaxing holiday totally dedicated to physical fitness with high level service.
Rooms: All rooms are stylishly furnished with modern comforts: Satellite TV, Frigo Bar, Balcony, direct dial telephone. 15 Junior Suites, 40 “Class” rooms, 40 “prestige” rooms.<
Equipment: Big entrance hall with terraces giving on the ancient village of Pigna. Three bars: the “Lobby Bar”, the “Bar of the Terme” and the “Cafe’ del Lago” bar, with piano bar during the night. Two restaurants with tipical dishes of the local cuisine, with particular attention to pastries and breakfast. Big meeting and convention space, for maximum 130 seats. The hotel offers a modern beauty farm and a specialised thermal center with sauna, Turkish bath, different types of massages including Watsu, Reiki, Shiatsu, Ayurveda, hot stones therapy, muds therapy (dead sea mud, seaweeds against cellulite), thermal cave with aromatic steam, and so on...Spa treatments with natural spring of sulphurous water (32(C), two gyms at guests disposal with professional personnel to practise Cardio Fitness gym and acquagym. Doctor on the spot. Two internal swimming pools, two outdoor swimming pools. Solarium. Discoteque “Nessundorma”. Cinema Boutique. Private parking.

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Spa Treatments: The sulphurous waters of the Terme gush forth at a constant temperature of 32° from an ancient spring known as "Madonna Assunta" .The waters are valued in the cure of many diseases of the skin, the respiratory system, larynghial and broncho-pneumatological problems and rheumatic disease.
Our therapists are dedicated to rediscover your natural harmony. Our treatments employ today's advanced technology together with the most ancient of therapies, and are further enriched by the use of natural products of the highest quality by Dr Babor. Together they can re-stablish your psychophysical equilibrium. Goodbye Stress!
Body Massage: (complete):More than a relaxing treatment, these massages both revitalise and re-energise, helping us to rediscover that mental calm which improves both our attitude to life, and our physical equilibrium.
Cranial Massage: This is a particular massage technique which effectively reduces tension in the neck, the shoulders, the cranium and the facial muscles.
Foot Reflexology: Consists of an enquiry into the individual's state of health by means of a specialised foot massage through which bodily disfunctions may be identified and treated.
Aromatherapy: This holistic massage, suitable for everybody, recreates a psychophysical equilibrium using manipulation together with perfumed essential oils.
Shiatsu: This massage technique originated in Japan, but in recent years has become ever more recognised in the West.
Ayurvedic Massage: Ayurveda, or the science of Life, is an extremely ancient Indian medical system which originated some two thousand years ago. In addition to providing a comprehensive medical therapy using particular curative substances, it's use of massage is indeed a unique experience.
Personal Training: Each programme prepared in our personal training centre has a precise target. No one treatment package prepared by us need exclude another, and should be seen to favour a personal equilibrium and to satisfy individual requirements. For this reason, the matter of choice in personal training is of the greatest importance. The instructor does not merely correct mistakes or teach you how a particular exercise should be executed, but seeks to identify our specific needs in the creation of a truly personal programme. For this reason we recommend a course of at least three sessions to explore to the maximum the opportunities offered by the Pigna Centre.
Babor Beauty Treatments: Babor products are of the highest quality, and are specifically designed to satisfy the most varied demands of the human body. Thus, they are not only quality beauty products, but also stimulate and promote the functions of the skin, and the entire body. Products which make particular use of the ocean's resources are the BODYLINE THERMAL SERIES, which reinforce the tissues and maintain the elasticity and tone of our skin. Dead Sea Mud Mask: This treatment consists of a mask of Dead Sea Mud which stimulates the metabolism of the skin tissues and revitalises its functions. It is recommended to all those suffering skin irritation, as it removes impurities and renders the skin pure and luminous.
Algae Body Wrap: This treatment offers you the beneficial properties of ocean algae which play a dual therapeutic role, both aesthetic and toning, whilst being simultaneously curative and detoxifying. The body, covered by the algae, enjoys similar advantages to those of the mud bath, but at the same time is detoxified. Thus the circulation is re-activated, opening up the tissues affected by cellulite to a strong beneficial effect.
Highly recommended to those whose bodies are tired and lacking in energy.
Breast Tone Up: A firm breast, supported by well-toned muscle is an integral part of feminine beauty. Ideal for all women irrespective of age, this treatment offers both a conserving and toning function.
Hand and Face Treatments: As with the face, the hands are subject to constant external attack that often leads to the deterioration of the skin tissues and to precocious aging. The aim of this extremely pleasant treatment is to prevent the consequences of exposure to the sun, wind, and aging, maintaining the skin of the hands in a soft and luminous condition. The combination of this treatment with the facial treatment, is ideal.
Pigna – Weekend Package: 1 Anti-Fatigue massage - 1 Facial cleansing - 1 Complete body massage - 1 Cranial massage - 2 Sulphur baths with hydro-massage - herbal teas, body toning gym, aquagym
Detoxification: This is a detoxification package which purifies and tones, in conjunction with a personalised weight-loss diet. It is recommended to all who want to lose a few kilos, and who wish to reduce or prevent cellulite. In this package, physical movement,- enjoyable activities in the gym and the pool, have a most important role to play, and the sauna, and Turkish bath are available on request. Your personalised diet together with daily weight checks, plus detoxifying infusions complete the regime. Finally, there is the pleasure and complete relaxation to be obtained from leisurely walks in the most enchanting countryside.
1 Medical examination - 1 Anti-fatigue massage -1 Facial cleaning with Dr Babor products -1Complete body massages -2 Manual lymph drainage -1energethic massage -1 Cranial massage -3 Babor anti-cellulite treatments - 3 Pigna's Mud -2 Pressure therapy -2 Sulphur baths with hydro-massage -2 Personal training sessions - herbal teas, aquagym, body toning
Anti Stress: This is recommended to all who lead a frenetic and super-stressed, and to those who suffer disturbed sleep, headaches, muscular tension, digestive problems, hypertension.. These treatments help you to relax, to free the mind and to rediscover harmony and serenity. We encourage those who choose this package to make full use of the sauna and the Turkish bath, as well as the gymnasium. The baths of the Thermal Establishment are a most important factor in achieving a total Relaxation, and on one's return home it should be more possible to create a relaxed atmosphere so as not to lose the benefits obtained during your stay at Pigna. 1 Medical examination - 1 Anti-Stress massage - 2 Shiatsu - 1 Aroma therapy - 1 Ayurvedic massage 1 Complete body massages with essential oils - 1 Facial massage - 2 Cranial massage - 2 Foot massage (Reflexology) - 2 Sessions of personalised light exercise - 2 Oriental massage - herbal teas, aquagym, body toning
Anticellulite: 1 Anti-Stress massage - 2 pressure therapy - 4 hydrofor - 2 linfodrenage complete - 4 body compress -mud or seaweds - 1 face mask - 1 face massage
Weekly Children Package: 5-12 years old, 1 medical examination - 4 light gym and aquagym in thermal swimming pool - 6 bath in swimming pool - 6 sulphur inhalation - 6 sulphur aerosol - 3 gym music with trainer