Valdidentro, in its little district of Isolaccia. Is situated in Valdidentro, just 7Km away from Bormio and on the way to Livigno. Not far from Bormio and Livigno ski resort, beneath the glacier of Cima Piazzi lies Valdidentro. Valdidentro is a major ski resort, too, which forms, together with the ski resorts of Bormio, Livigno and Santa Caterina Valfurva, the ski region of Valtellina. Valdidentro is situated in the Stilfser Joch National Park and is rich in hot springs. That´s why a thermal bath is found in Bormio. In Valdidentro there are more than 30 kilometers of groomed slopes featuring all kinds of diffculties. If you´re a beginner, a skiing or snowboarding expert or if you just wish to check out world famous cross-country ski trail Viola (with a total length of 25 kilometers!), the whole family will have a great time in Valdidentro. Nobody experiences boredom in Valdidentro. Those who stay various days at Valdidentro may like to try out Valtellina´s other ski resorts with the ski region´s ski pass. If you can´t get enough of sports, you can go to the local gym and if you want some diversion you can go on a dogsled adventure.